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The name Endito Nagol comes from a Maasai tribe word meaning “ENDITO” meaning a young maasai girl/woman  and ” NAGOL” meaning a strong woman who is not married and struggling to help the family with survival. We also give back to the community a certain percentage of what clients pay for our services.

Tailor-Made Experiences In Tanzania, Safari Tours & Kilimanjaro Climb Endito Nagol  Adventures is a Sustainable Tour Operator based in Arusha, Tanzania. Established in 2022 as a family business, the company is owned and operated entirely by locals who share the same passion for showing people the amazing country of Tanzania and providing a fantastic personalized service.

Our whole Endito Nagol Adventures team has grown up in this incredible country and shares the same passion for creating unique Safari Experiences in Tanzania.

We are represented on SafariBookings.

We pride ourselves in providing our clients with the most comprehensive service and value available.Our custom-made African Safari Itineraries and Kilimanjaro Climbs are of world class standards, ideal for groups, organizations, families and individuals alike, and for both leisure and business travel within the region.

Our sole focus and expertise is unique and top rated Tanzania Destinations.Our tours offer travelers exciting opportunities for exploration, discovery and adventure.

We are here to serve our clients 24/7 which gives you peace of mind for your Tanzanian Adventure.


This is a story of a strong and fearless young Maasai girl where as growing in a Maasai community of young girls are not appreciated and given the support.

Our dreams are crushed because at young age you are forced to get married and leave school this not only in our culture but also around the world and for that they cannot persuade their dreams like other young females around the world but I stand against it.

By the help of my Family we have seen that I need to stand as an image around our Maasai community and to other females around our society to help them build their Strength, Confidence and to learn the Ethics of the community that these young females need in order for them to have a bright future tomorrow.



Adam Laizer

- CEO -


Violet A. Laizer

- MD -


Edna Laizer

- Company Secretary -


Beatrice Wapalila

- Tour Consultant -


Gasper Lobulu


Endito Nagol Adventures Ltd

All I wanted to do now was to get back to Africa. We had not left it, but when i would wake in the night i would  lie,

listening, homesick for it already.

Ernest Hemingway  (Green Hills of Africa 1935)

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