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In Magoroto Forest we have variety of activities, you'll be able to explore all of them or you can choose some activities that suits your desire and have fun exploring them.

Magoroto Forest

Activities In Magoroto Forest



Enjoy a rejuvinating shower at the waterfalls


Try fishing in the lake with our locally made fishing rods. You may choose to cook or bbq your catch of the day.


The lake has fresh water fed in by natural springs. It’s 12 metres deep allowing for one of the best diving experiences.


The trails differ in level of difficulty providing choices for different trails based on your fitness level. The trails pass through a number of attractions along the way ending in picturesque viewing points.

Forest Walk

Dense rainforest of Magoroto Estate provides a number of easy walkways where you can explore nature. Walk through the numerous water streams in the forest and learn about the plant species in Magoroto.

Mountain Biking

Our mountain biking trails pass through what used to be the access roads when the palm plantation was active.Choose a biking trail that fits your fitness level among the five documented trails and enjoy a cool fresh breeze while biking through the rainforest.


Every Saturday is a BBQ night at Magoroto. On the menu would be Beef, Mbuzi, Chicken or Fish BBQ available to order at the BBQ stall. Enjoy your cold beer at the lake with a hot BBQ on the side.

Spice Tour

Spice Tour Cardamom, Black Pepper, Vanilla and Cloves are among the many spices that flourish in Magoroto Estate. A spice tour gives you an opportunity to learn more about spices, how they are grown and processed. The spices grown in Magoroto are all organic and packaged in retail packs for you.




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